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ACMS Board of Directors & Staff


Thomas Stasko, MD, FACMS (2016-2017), President
Allison T. Vidimos, MD, RPh, FACMS (2016-2017), Vice President
Barry Leshin, MD, FACMS (2016-2017), Secretary/Treasurer
John G. Albertini, MD, FACMS (2016-2017), Immediate Past President


Jerry D. Brewer, MD, FACMS (2016-2019)
Scott A.B. Collins, MD, FACMS (2016-2019)
Adele Haimovic, MD, Fellow-in-Training Board Observer, non-voting (2016-2017)
Tatyana R. Humphreys, MD, FACMS (2015-2018)
Brent R. Moody, MD, FACMS (2015-2018)
Howard W. Rogers, MD, PhD, FACMS (2016-2019)
Chrysalyne D. Schmults, MD, MSCE (2014-2017)
Summer R. Youker, MD (2014-2017)
John A. Zitelli, MD, UPMC, Board Historian, non-voting (2013-2018)
David M. Zloty, MD, FRCP, FACMS (2015-2018)
Fiona M. Zwald, MD, MRCPI (2014-2017)


Rebecca Brandt, CAE, Executive Director
Brett Kell, MSM, Communications Manager
Tammy O'Connell, Administrative Manager, National Registry and Quality
Mario Ortiz, Meetings Manager
Mary Randall, Membership Manager
Susan Lathrop Education Manager
Emily Thurow, Administrative Coordinator

Last updated: January 12, 2017